VTR2 COM IMPORT E EXPORT, São Bernardo do Campo - SP

09750-420 - Av. Antártico, 475 - Jardim do Mar, São Bernardo do Campo - SP, Brasil
São Bernardo do Campo - SP

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br | Idiomas ContactFacebookInstagramTwitter ContactFacebookInstagramTwitter We at VTR2, , we are here to provide a serious and objective environment where everyone can develop a great Work, without pressure or embarrassment.
We are a means, not an end.
We are a tool for you to make your business even better, achieving excellent results.
We create a safe and stimulating environment where you feel Respected and confident in the services provided by our employees.
We are not here to flatter you, but we can give you a boost if you need to.
We believe that the world is not the same without its existence.
So we need you.
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